2018 National Award Winning Poultry Club Sav-A-Calf, Sav-A-Chick Award

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2018 National Champion Junior Club of the Year – Richard Peters – Leader

Talk about being proud. Who remembers when our Junior Club won the Over All Sav-A-Calf and Sav-A-Chick National Award Winning Club from 2018? We won this award going against ALL Species of Livestock, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Poultry. We were the very first winners coming from the Poultry World. This is the First and only time a poultry club won this over-all National Award.


Here is the article that was posted about our winning club and the picture. We received headline reviews from across the country in all the major livestock news and magazines for this award. Just months later I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma and had to slow down a bit to win that battle for my life but I am recovered and getting back to full stride again. Thank goodness I am a good multi tasker. LOL. Enjoy the read…

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