2018 National Award Winning Poultry Club Sav-A-Calf, Sav-A-Chick Award

Elect Howard Davenport District 7 APA Board of Directors – For A Change for the Better



2018 National Champion Junior Club of the Year – Richard Peters – Leader

Talk about being proud. Who remembers when our Junior Club won the Over All Sav-A-Calf and Sav-A-Chick National Award Winning Club from 2018? We won this award going against ALL Species of Livestock, Beef Cattle, Dairy Cattle, Goats, Sheep and Poultry. We were the very first winners coming from the Poultry World. This is the First and only time a poultry club won this over-all National Award.


Here is the article that was posted about our winning club and the picture. We received headline reviews from across the country in all the major livestock news and magazines for this award. Just months later I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Melanoma and had to slow down a bit to win that battle for my life but I am recovered and getting back to full stride again. Thank goodness I am a good multi tasker. LOL. Enjoy the read…

2024 9th Annual MEGA SHOW – Excellent Show & Event

The 2024 Mega Show on Nov. 2nd, 2024 in Norman, OK is looking like another Great event. Along with our outstanding regular show premiums the MEGA will also feature a number of Breed Special Add On Awards and premiums. The MEGA will have 8 breed specials in 2024 which will be awarded to the 8 largest breeds entered. These awards are shows within the MEGA SHOW and gives each featured breed something special to compete for in addition to the regular show awards. In addition to these special awards we will be featuring our Annual MEGA National Junior Showmanship Contest, National Chicken Dance Contest, Raffles, Queen and Princess Contest, and our outstanding Breeders Cup Auction which features some of the best breed stock from all over America. The MEGA offers something for everyone where it be a very competitive and high caliber Poultry Show, Family Entertainment, Fun, Laughs, Raffles and just some good old fashioned fellowship and friends sharing a good time with like minded poultry people. Th MEGA is for the new exhibitors, young enthusiasts, hard core poultry breeders and exhibitors and those who just love the many different breeds and varieties of poultry.


This year we are concentrating on providing a superior show which gives back to our Exhibitors, Breeders and our Junior Exhibitors. We feature discount sleeping rooms in a very high quality hotel, plenty of high quality awards and outstanding opportunities for everyone to improve on their stock with winning show birds. We feature one of the best Junior Shows in American as well.

Get the MOST out of your Poultry Show Dollar at the MEGA, where the entire family can enjoy a great low cost show, fun, games and family entertainment with a real chance to win some meaningful premiums and awards. Although this is a one day show, plan to spend the night on Friday and Saturday nights as we have a full day of events and awards. We even provide overnight stay for birds on Saturday night so you can leave ton Sunday rested and fresh and full of fond memories and experiences.

The MEGA SHOW, a true poultry event, not simply another chicken show! Come join the fun and excitement with friends and like minded poultry people.


How To Enter Our Shows On-Line

This is a very easy process IF you follow all the directions. Please read slowly and completely and do each step in the proper order otherwise your entry will not be found. Do Not Wait Until the last minute to enter.

The 2023 ENTRY FORMS will be located on this site. If you do not use the entry on our web site, or you choose to print out and mail in,  simply follow the instructions below. DO Not submit your entries more than one time, you will be charged both times and mess up our paper work.

Using the E-Z to use entry forms on our web site is the best way to enter immediately and have copies of everything.

  1. Print out the entry form for the show you are entering
  2. Make Absolutely sure you save a copy of your entries, your payment from PayPal and bring to the show with you.
  3. Be sure to enter in your name as all checks will be made out to the name you enter with and your bank will not cash your checks if made out to someone other than your account name.
  4. Make sure your name is on BOTH pages of your entry form.
  5. Make ABSOLUTELY sure your phone number “IS A NUMBER YOU CAN BE REACHED” immediately.
  6. Once your entry form is complete take a Very Clear Close Up picture of BOTH pages of your entry (check the picture and make sure it is easily read) and please write clearly and accurately.
  7. Take Pictures and send them with entry forms of All Testing Documentation that you have required as well. Or indicate on Entry Form you will need testing done at check-in before coop-in if we have testing available.
  8. Once Steps 1-5 are complete, save your entry form pictures so you will have them. Bring to the show with you.
  9. Send your entries by e-mail to “2023 MEGA (name of show) Poultry Show – Norman (or town where show will be held)” On the Subject Line of the e-mail write your NAME and Show Entries”
  10. E-mail your entries to this E-mail  ” APAjudge1009@aol.com

PAYING YOUR ENTRY FEES – Do THIS IMMEDIATELY AFTER YOU SEND YOUR ENTRIES – Make Copies Of Everything and Bring With You to the show

  1. Sign on to PayPal
  2. THIS MUST BE DONE IMMEDIATELY after submitting your entry Form by E-mail so they arrive at the same time.
  3. Add your total fees due according to your Total on your entry form.
  4. Multiply your Total Entry Fee’s by 3.5% and ADD this to your Total Due. This is the exact fee PayPal charges us to process your entry fees. I.E.- $100.00 x 3.5% = $3.50. Add this to your Total. You will be paying $103.50 Total. Whatever your Total Entry Fees are, simply add 3.5% to those entries for final payment.
  5. Send the Total Fee’s through PayPal to this e-mail – APAjudge1009@aol.com , be sure and add your name and say what the payment is for, and for who these entry fees are for.
  6. PayPal will send you a receipt and it will also show up on your credit card account as well. Take pictures of all your material, entries, payment, etc. for your records. If you get a PayPal receipt you are entered. We do not send out confirmations since PayPal does this.