CVPC Hall of Fame Members


There were many nominees this year and we have decided who the winners for 2021 are. There are Hall of Fame Awards for the following Categories: Judges, Jr Exhibitors , Open Exhibitors and Administrators.

Hall of Fame Award Winners are selected on the basis of their contribution to our shows over the past 8 years and their continued support of our efforts. This is the highest award we as a show and as a club can bestow on our Exhibitors, Staff and Judges.

Congratulations to all winners. Plaques will be awarded at the 2021  MEGA SHOW on Nov. 6th. *


  • Unfortunately members of our Hall of Fame may be removed from our Hall of Fame for bringing disrespect to our show, judges and/or staff. Although we do not want this to ever occur it sometimes becomes necessary to maintain the integrity of these awards. We hold these winners to a much higher standard as they themselves should also be held in the highest esteem by this club and our supporters. Being removed from our Hall of Fame has absolutely no bearing on anyone having the ability to show in our future shows unless they commit serious offences which may affect our show and our other outstanding exhibitors, judges and administrators.