How To Enter Our Shows On-Line

This is a very easy process if you follow all the directions. Please read slowly and completely and do each step in the proper order otherwise your entry will not be found.

The State Championship entry form is located at CVPC.State Show.2.5.22.Entry.Only 

  1. Print out the entry form for the show you are entering
  2. Be sure to enter in your name as all checks will be made out to the name you enter with and your bank will not cash your checks if made out to someone other than your account name.
  3. Make sure your name is on BOTH pages of your entry form.
  4. Make ABSOLUTELY sure your phone number “IS A NUMBER YOU CAN BE REACHED” immediately.
  5. Once your entry form is complete take a very clear close up picture of BOTH pages of your entry (check the picture and make sure it is easily read) and please write clearly and accurately.
  6. Take Pictures and send them with entry forms of all Testing Documentation required as well. Or indicate on Entry Form you will need testing done at check-in before coop-in.
  7. Once Steps 1-5 are complete, save your entry form pictures so you will have them.
  8. Send your entries by e-mail to “CVPC STATE Poultry Show” On the Subject Line of the e-mail write your NAME and Show Entries”
  9. E-mail your entries to this E-mail  ”


  1. Sign on to PayPal
  2. THIS MUST be done immediately after submitting your entry Form by mail so they arrive at the same time.
  3. Add your total fees due according to your Total on your entry form.
  4. Multiply your Total Entry Fee’s by 3.5% and ADD this to your Total Due. This is the exact fee PayPal charges us to process your entry fees. I.E.- $100.00 x 3.5% = $3.50. Add this to your Total. You will be paying $103.50 Total. Whatever your Total Entry Fees are, simply add 3.5% to those entries for final payment.
  5. Send the Total Fee’s through PayPal to this e-mail – , be sure and add your name and say what the payment is for, entry fees.
  6. PayPal will send you a receipt and it will also show up on your credit card account as well. Take pictures of all your material, entries, payment, etc. for your records. If you get a PayPal receipt you are entered. We do not send out confirmations since PayPal does this.

So You Would Like To Conduct A Show In Your Area?

If you are a club, potential club, 4-H or FFA Chapter  or an individual who has an interest in conducting a show, establishing a show or continuing a show in your area which may need help, we may have soon be offering an opportunity to you in which you have to provide the following things to get started:
Show Coops, Awards, Judges, Promotion of your show, etc.
All you would have to provide are the following items:
Show Personnel (Clerks, Table & Check-In Staff, etc), Set Up Crew, Tear Down Crew, Location, Tables, Chair, etc.
What we may be able to do for you is assist you in getting a show started while earning revenue for your Poultry Club, 4-H Club, Poultry Club, FFA Chapter, etc. WITHOUT you having to make a major investment in infrastructure such as cages, promotion, know how, judge selection, etc.
All shows would be APA and ABA Sanctioned with the option of sanctioning them through various breed Clubs and ALFA (American Large Fowl Association.
We will NOT compete with established shows within a 250 mile radius of your new or existing proposed location unless there is 14 days between the shows. Our intent is NOT to compete with other shows but rather to help exhibition poultry grow and prosper.

Anyone who may be interested in this idea please contact Richard Peters at and put SHOW REQUEST in the subject line.