So You Would Like To Conduct A Show In Your Area?

If you are a club, potential club, 4-H or FFA Chapter  or an individual who has an interest in conducting a show, establishing a show or continuing a show in your area which may need help, we may have soon be offering an opportunity to you in which you have to provide the following things to get started:
Show Coops, Awards, Judges, Promotion of your show, etc.
All you would have to provide are the following items:
Show Personnel (Clerks, Table & Check-In Staff, etc), Set Up Crew, Tear Down Crew, Location, Tables, Chair, etc.
What we may be able to do for you is assist you in getting a show started while earning revenue for your Poultry Club, 4-H Club, Poultry Club, FFA Chapter, etc. WITHOUT you having to make a major investment in infrastructure such as cages, promotion, know how, judge selection, etc.
All shows would be APA and ABA Sanctioned with the option of sanctioning them through various breed Clubs and ALFA (American Large Fowl Association.
We will NOT compete with established shows within a 250 mile radius of your new or existing proposed location unless there is 14 days between the shows. Our intent is NOT to compete with other shows but rather to help exhibition poultry grow and prosper.

Anyone who may be interested in this idea please contact Richard Peters at and put SHOW REQUEST in the subject line.