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Howard Davenport – Candidate For District 7 APA Board of Directors

Endorsement By Texas Resident and APA and ABA Judge Bill Hopkins

“Greetings to all my fellow APA District 7 members. My name is Bill Hopkins. I am a life member of the APA, an APA grandmaster exhibitor, an APA licensed judge, and proud resident of District 7 in the APA. I am excited to encourage each and everyone of you to vote for Howard Davenport for the directorship of District 7. I have a history with the APA that reaches back to the early 1970’s. I have seen quite a few people, some of whom were my friends, attempt to be true member oriented district directors. Most missed the mark. They become organization focused rather than member focused. I have known Howard and observed him long enough to know for a fact that Howard will hit the ground running with the goal of making District 7 the most member focused district in the APA. We deserve to have someone like him as our director.
As I’ve said, I’ve known Howard for quite a while. Long before he ever considered seeking elected office in the APA, he was working behind the scenes supporting poultry shows and exhibitors in the state of Texas. As an example of his support, for the last 4 years Howard has provided airline tickets for judges hired to judge the Klein poultry show. He didn’t do this to get attention. I’m sure very few folks know he was doing this. He did it because he wanted the exhibitors to have access to excellent judging and new points of view. He has also raised a great deal of money for cash awards and donated pallets of wood shavings shows. Again, this was done to benefit exhibitors. I also know that he has been an amazing mentor to youth poultry, 4-H, and FFA poultry exhibitors. He has donated birds to junior exhibitors and shared his knowledge of breeding and management. Howard has also worked tirelessly to try and get the state of Texas open once again to out of state poultry exhibitors. He has called, corresponded, and met personally with Texas politicians and bureaucrats in hopes of finding a solution that will benefit all Texas poultry breeders and exhibitors. He will be able to use these networking skills he has honed in Texas to help exhibitors in other states within District 7 when they need someone to go to bat for them when their state and local governments try seek to limit their right to own, breed, and exhibit poultry in their states or communities.
We need a man like Howard Davenport serving as our District 7 director. Voting and supporting Howard Davenport isn’t just about rewarding him for his selfless service to the fancy. It’s also a reward for each and everyone of us. The APA should be a member driven organization. We pay our dues and we deserve to have our needs and concerns given serious attention. Howard will do that.”

Official 2024 MEGA Oklahoma State Show Official Catalog 

Electronic Entry – Okla.State.Show.3.9.24.PayPal


Call the Comfort Inn directly at 1-405-217-0776 to book your room at out special discounted rates. You MUST call the hotel directly and mention the Mega Poultry Show. Rates are for $69.95 to $79.95


* Special Discount Hotel Reservations Link- Information Included In Show Catalog

Host Hotel Discount Info Is Included In The Catalog – Call Hotel Directly and ASAP. Rooms for $69.95 and $79.00 per Night. Don’t Delay.








Special Discount Hotel Reservations Link- Information Included In Show Catalog

Host Hotel Discount Info Is Include In The Catalog – Call Hotel Directly and ASAP. Rooms for $69.95 and $79.00 per Night. Don’t Delay.

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Coming This November 2nd, 2024 at the MEGA SHOW in Norman, OK.

For more information and the Scale of Points for our Backyard Shows visit our page at: MEGA BACKYARD NATIONALS – 11-5-22



Coming This Fall- Huge ALFA National Premiums To Be Announced For the 2023 MEGA SHOW 



Best of the Best at our 2021 CVPV State Championship Show

Our 2023 Host Hotel For All Our 2024 Shows




Latest Oklahoma Testing and VS Form 9-3 Info from The Oklahoma State Ag Department – See Video Here – Dated Feb, 2019. The NPIP Testing Requirements have been updated since this video was made. See entry form and above for those details.




Kansas Mini Mega – Heart of America Poultry Show

Hutchinson, KS

Saturday, Nov. 23rd, 2024

2019 Large Fowl Champions

Reserve Grand LF & Reserve Grand ALFA

Owner – Larry Dye, OK



2018 MEGA SHOW Super Grand Champion – LF Black Cochin, owned by Rick Klehr, MN.

Annual ALFA National Championship Results


“Often Imitated but NEVER Duplicated”




“ALFA” American Large Fowl Association




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