The Extraordinary Women & Youth Of Exhibition Poultry- Page 2 – by Tarah Payne

Page 2

Hello fellow poultry enthusiasts! My name is Tarah Payne. I have owned poultry since 2010. 2023 marks my 5th season of showing. I sometimes look back and wonder how I managed to do it. This hobby takes a lot of work, dedication, planning along with blood, sweat and tears. During the last 5 years, I’ve noticed the women in this hobby silently working just as hard if not harder. Not just with exhibition but behind the scenes putting on some of the best poultry shows across America. This will be the spot where I get to highlight those hard working women. I am honored to do so. I will also be spotlighting youth that have worked just as hard in their short poultry careers. They are the future of this wonderful hobby !  Upcoming feature stories are listed below. Tarah



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