NEW – Clerking Contest Info

The MEGA SHOW, as usual, has added yet something new to our shows to further educate our exhibitors and improve all shows. We are rolling out our New MEGA Clerking Contest which will offer divisions for Junior, Intermediate and Adult Divisions complete with Awards in each division.

Clerking Contest and Study guide © by Richard Peters is available as long as credit is given appropriately.

Since this is a new program and event we are sure other shows will pick up on this in an effort to improve events. As in the past we are sure that others will copy this event which is fine and encouraged for the betterment of the entire exhibition poultry  environment.

Clerking is the backbone of all poultry shows and plays an interictal part of the show process. Clerks play a  very important part in the judge’s performance and a good clerk is a huge asset to any judge and the show.

Our Goal is to train and encourage exhibitors and spectators alike to become part of our shows whether showing birds or merely attending our shows in an effort to learn more about the fancy.

This is the actual test and we will conduct a Seminar before the contest begins. Times will be announced. Be prepared.