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*Large Fowl ONLY may compete for ALFA Awards. ALFA members ONLY.



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About ALFA-

  • Any APA recognized Class, Breed and/or Variety shall be eligible to compete for ALFA Awards.
  • American Game Large Fowl are eligible for ALFA competition and awards.
  • Any Breed or Variety which has submitted a “standard” to the APA and is requesting inclusion into the APA Standard shall be eligible for ALFA awards.
  • ALFA competition begins with the birds which are entered in the regular show. Placings from the base show will be used in picking the top finalists for ALFA Awards.
  • Final numbers and amounts of ALFA awards at each show will be determined by the membership numbers 30 days before the show or by the entry deadline date for the district show.
  • Any ALFA member, regardless of which District they live may show and win awards in any ALFA show as long as their membership is paid by entry deadline of the show they plan to compete.
  • Absolutely no one will be allowed to compete in any ALFA event if their membership isn’t paid by entry deadline date of the show in question. Membership can be obtained at anytime during the year but only those members who are current at the show’s deadline date may be eligible to compete for that particular show.
  • ALFA membership is good from Jan. 1st through Dec. 31st each year and ALFA members can compete at any and all ALPA shows during that year as long as they meet the deadline rules for each show.
  • It is estimated that 30% of all ALFA Membership Fee’s will be awarded at the ALFA Nationals each November. Amounts of premiums will be based entirely on the number of ALFA memberships are sold during the year less any special events ALFA may sponsor. District Shows will be awarding 50% of their District’s Membership Fee’s for their own District Show. The remaining 50% of card fees in allotted as, 30% will go to the ALFA National Jackpot Fund and the remaining 20% will be used for administrative costs for trophies, awards, PayPal, etc.
  • For more information on ALFA please visit our web site at https://poultryshowcase.com/alfa-basic-rules/

How Are ALFA Awards Determined?

ALFA will send your District Director 50% of the card money for cards sold in your District to be awarded in your District Show(s). Since some States are so large and have an abundance of Large Fowl this could be a good sum so the District Director’s are in full control over which show(s) they add the ALFA Show to and how much is  given to each show. We need shows which will accommodate ALFA. It is suggested that a committee made up of 1 judge and 2 major breeders do the ALFA selections and awards. They make the final ALFA placings and these awards must be done in addition to the regular show’s awards. The trade off for the club (show) is that ALFA should increase their Large Fowl turnout. ALFA will be doing an ALFA video this weekend and will explain it completely and have it on our web site. We simply need ALFA members now and we are off and running. We suggest all ALFA shows be done in the Fall each year. The breakdown for a $15.00 ALFA Card is this- 50% to the State where the ALFA member resides (District Director is in full control of this money), 30% to the National Show in November each year and 20% for the administration of ALFA. Our PayPal fee’s are 3.5% of each card sold which leaves ALFA with 16.5% for administration fees (trophies at Nationals, etc.) An ALFA Video will be posted soon outlining the entire process. If a District does not host a District Show in any year their member money (50% of the dues in that district) will be applied to the National Awards Fund.


  • All ALFA member’s birds will receive a sticker for their coop tags at check-in indicating the breeders birds are entered by an ALFA member.
  • You should think of an ALFA competition as you would a double show. ALFA and the regular show are distinctly different/unique than the regular APA show as ALFA is done by committee and by breeders, exhibitors and judges using it’s own judging criteria.
  • Placement in the regular show has some bearing on the selection of ALFA Birds but the ALFA Committee is free to include any bird (except those which have been DQ’ed) in the ALFA selection process.
  • The ALFA Committee is free consult on the judge of the regular show if there are any specific questions to ask about any birds placing in the regular show. This judge is used for consultation purposes only and shall not have a vote in the committee’s selection unless asked by the committee chairman.
  • All ALFA birds entered in any ALFA Sanctioned show are eligible for ALFA Awards. Large Fowl Only!
  • All Top 10 (if space allows) ALFA Finalists may be placed on the ALFA Champion Row.
  • If any ALFA bird is also selected as a Class Champion in the regular show they will remain on the regular shows Champion Row until the regular show judging is complete. At that time they shall be moved to the ALFA Champion Row for Final ALFA judging by the committee.
  • ALFA Finals will be judged by committee. The committee should consist of 1 APA Judge and 2-3 experienced and seasoned Breeders of Large Fowl. No Member of this ALFA Judging Committee may have any birds entered in a particular ALFA event when they are on the Judging Committee. The top five-ten winning birds will be determined by the final votes cast by this committee. All other lower placings will be determined by the ALFA committee. In Larger ALFA Shows the finals may consist of up to the Top 25-40 ALFA birds. The Top Ten should always be moved to the ALFA Champion Row for final judging. Placings of 11th and lower will be determined by the ALFA Committee or a portion of this committee.
  • ALFA judging will consist of Breed Characteristics (70%), Conditioning (20%) and the birds over-all Visual Appeal (10%). If there is a tie the bird displaying the most accurate Breed Characteristics shall be declared the winner. Prime importance should be determined by the most accurate Breed Characteristics for each breed represented.
  • These rules may be modified and/or amended during the year as the organization grows, learns, improves and advances.


Your membership will be in the name of the person paying for your membership i.e. Credit Card, PayPal, etc unless you enter a different name in the “comments” section while paying with PayPal. Keep your PayPal receipt as your “Proof of Purchase.” Membership info can be obtained by e-mailing questions to apajudge1009@aol.com 

ALFA© Mail-In  Membership Form –  ALFA Membership Form v1   All memberships will begin on Jan. 1st  and will expire on Dec. 31st each year. Membership is renewable each year on Jan.1st.

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