This page and event is strictly for information and discussing the MEGA SHOW Breeders Cup Auction held annually at the MEGA SHOW on the first weekend in November each year. All other posts relating to or promoting any other show or auction is strictly prohibited. All Violators will be banned from using our sites. Consignors to the MEGA Breeders Cup Auction are free to advertise and promote the birds they plan to bring to the MEGA SHOW with the approval of this board’s administrator Richard Peters
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This site is strictly for the promotion and advertising of birds and breeders who plan to have birds in the MEGA Breeder’s Cup Auction on Nov. 2nd, 2024 in Norman, OK during the MEGA SHOW. Over the years birds which have came through this auction have produced very well in other shows and in the breeding pen’s for their buyers. We stress QUALITY and PERFORMANCE above all else, and only allow birds which have the genetics to reproduce properly. We are really stressing improvement in the quality this year and going forward into the future. Also remember, birds purchased through this auction are eligible to return with offspring in future Breeder’s Cup Auctions if they meet our quality standards. This year Larry Dye is serving as our Auction Superintendent and all birds will have to be approved by Larry and his select committee of high quality breeders and judges.

As we get confirmed consignors for the 4th Annual Breeder’s Cup Auction I will start posting pictures and background information on the breeders. We will allow all confirmed consignors/breeders to post info and genetic background on their stock along with their show records and performance records. We want all our birds to be able to breed true to their breed requirements and produce high quality offspring for the new owners. We want our buyers to know they are getting genetically sound birds which will reproduce outstanding birds.