2022 MEGA SHOW Breed Specials – Add On Premiums

Complete and Final Breed Special Catalog.

How MEGA Add On Awards Work-

Add On Premiums are just that, they are awards won by any exhibitor who enters the MEGA SHOW at no additional cost or fee with the exception of ALFA awards which require an Annual Membership. Add On premiums donated and/or sponsored by individuals, groups or breed clubs as an added incentive in and effort to promote and grow their breed(s) and/or varieties. All Add On Awards must be cliamed at the MEGA SHOW. No Add On Awards will be mailed to winners,All uncliamed or non-contested awards are donated back to the MEGA SHOW’s general fund and may be used in future shows. Add On Awards are in addition to regular MEGA SHOW premiums and are compleely separate and individual.

Remember, MEGA SHOW Postmarked Entry Deadline is October 17th, 2022.

This is the complete 30 page Add On Premium Catalog, all 30 pages of Specials – FINAL.Montage.Breed Specials.10.10.22



Please scroll down this page for all our 30 Breed Specials. Some of these are also Breed Club Shows including National, District and State Shows. Some Premiums may be adjusted.