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This page will feature “AT NO COST” some of our highest quality breeders and their farms for prospective buyers, breeders and exhibitors of high quality show stock, foundation birds and exhibition poultry and waterfowl. The only requirement is that you have a good clean record in the MEGA Series of Shows, a record of showing high quality birds and a record of the highest integrity when it comes to dealing with customers and friends.
Each prospective breeder or farm must demonstrate a record of showing birds in our shows and we want to only sponsor / support birds and breeders we are familiar with and who are not bird jockeys and hustlers. Please, no junk dealers.
You do NOT have to have the best birds in the world to be listed and promoted, just a good , honest person, good birds that has the possibility of winning at specific levels, not all levels, just be honest, including Local, County, State and National Shows…. And also, we want breeders who can sell healthy, strong and vibrant backyard birds and birds to people looking for good quality farm stock. We believe there is a place/purpose for ALL healthy birds for many purposes. All we ask is that you list your birds as to what their main purpose is, backyard, show, exhibition at local, county level and those that have a record of winning on the State and National Stage. The key here is JUST BE HONEST! I will have a form you can fill out later this week. But remember, this criteria MUST be met- 1) have a record showing in our MEGA SERIES, State and Nationals shows, 2) Be NPIP Clean and Tested, 3) Have a record of fair dealing, honesty and integrity when selling birds to others, 4) The birds MUST be from a documented Poultry Farm, Actual Breeding Program, etc… NO BIRD JOCKIES, NO BIRD HUSTLERS…. This program is FREE to our regular exhibitors and we are in essence endorsing you and your farm/birds so our standards must be met. If anyone violates our code of ethics when it comes to selling birds and dealing with exhibitors, if documented, they will be removed from our page. In other words, simply do not try to sell junk birds and be honest/ fair when dealing with buyers. These same principles will apply to buyers. The most important line in this business is the old adage “Buyer Beware”. All sales and dealings will be between the buyer and the seller and the MEGA SHOW and the staff have ZERO involvement in any sale or dealings between seller and buyer. Pretty Simply Stuff!