MEGA SHOW 11-4-17 Norman, OK.


MEGA SALES AREA – SALES COOPS All SALE birds (sale birds only, NOT show birds) brought to this show MUST be placed in our Sales Area and must purchase a sales coop. All sales birds MUST be NPIP Tested and have papers at the show. Testing will be available at the show. No check-in’s before NPIP papers have been turned into the check-in desk and you receive your coop tags. You may purchase a sales coop(s) on our entry forms. Simply fill out the form and mail it in or pay through PayPal. Anyone selling birds out of their vehicles or outside of the Sales area may be asked to leave and may be banned from any of our future shows.  Please do not over crowd the sales coops as you may be asked to remove some of the birds. People simply cannot see your birds if they are all crowded in the same cage.  Sales coops are $10.00 each. These are large fowl coops. Sales Coop Reservations Can Be Made On Our Entry Form at Show Catalog (Final) 

2017 National Breed Club Meeting Schedule

Saturday- Nov. 4th, Cleveland County Fairgrounds, Norman, OK.

11:00-12:00 Jersey Giants
12:00-1:00 The Langshan Club
1:00-2:00 RI Reds
4:00-5:00 Marans 

Contact your individual Breed Club for more details.


2017  CVPC  MEGA  Poultry  Show

11-4-17    Norman, OK.

Official MEGA Show Catalog with Mail-in Entry Forms – Show Catalog (Final) – Absolute Deadline is 10-13-17

E-Z Entry MEGA Show Entry Form – Absolute Deadline is 10-13-17. Show Catalog (Final) NOTE: Once you submit the On-Line Entry you will receive a PayPal Invoice for your entry fees.


Easy Online Entry
This option is only possible if you are using a computer and Microsoft Office.
You do not require a PayPal account to pay a PayPal invoice.
1. Go to the link below for the entry you need.
2. Copy and paste the address into your web browser.
3. The file will download and you can then open it.
4. Fill out your entry form and save it on your computer. Title it with your name (IE “John Appleseed.xlsx”)
5. Send it to
6. You will be sent an invoice via PayPal for your total if you select your payment type as Card on the entry form. Pay
the invoice within 24 hours. It will arrive at the address you sent your entry forms from.
7. Print out your confirmation for your records and bring it when you coop in, along with any other paperwork required.

Easy Entry Form Links
Junior Show Entries

Open Show Entries 

Things To Remember About The On-Line Entry-

  • When entering, use an e-mail address which you check regularly and is your own.
  • Double Check the Total Amount before paying the Invoice.
  • All Invoices MUST be paid in full within 24 hours of receipt of your Invoice
  • Print and save all your documentation and confirmations. Bring to the show with you.
  • PayPal accepts Credit Card payments as well as PayPal account payments. Read and follow directions carefully.
  • All On-Line Entries not paid within 24 hours through PayPal will not be accepted.

Hotel Sleeping Rooms

The following hotels have been contacted regarding room block reservations. Three properties, the brand new Best Western Plus, Hilton Garden Inn, and Sooner Legends Inn & Suites, have already agreed to provide specially discounted rates for you. With over 3,000 hotel rooms in Norman (and no other major events including OU football going on that weekend), there will undoubtedly be enough availability to accommodate your entire group here.

Best Western Plus  (405) 801-2100
 $79.00/night + tax (breakfast included)


Hilton Garden Inn   (405) 579-0100
 $85.00/night + tax (light breakfast available)

Sooner Legends  (405) 792-0223  (new)
 $89.00/night + tax for 2 people per room/King (hot buffet breakfast included)
 $94.00/night + tax for 3 people per room/Double Queen (hot buffet breakfast included)
 $99.00/night + tax for 4 people per room/Double Queen (hot buffet breakfast included)
 King Suites and Queen Suites are also available at $115/night (hot buffet breakfast included)
 The block consists of 40 Double Queen rooms, 20 King rooms, and 5 Suites for both Friday and Saturday night.


Raffles are sponsored by the Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club Inc and Non Profit Corporation
Official Judge List As Of 7.4.17

1) Ron (Tater) Britt – NC (ABA)
2) Rip Stalvey – FL (APA)
3) Tom Kane – VA (APA-ABA)
4) Doug Connelly – TX (ABA)
5) Tracy Hill – TX (APA-ABA)
6) Diana Rieber Dahir – IA (APA)
7) Art Reiber – IA (APA-ABA)
8) Jeff Halbach – WI (ABA-APA)


  1. Pat Malone – TX (ABA-APA)
  2. Richard Peters – OK (APA)
Early Events Planned
  • Junior Showmanship Contest (Free) CVPC Championship Jackets, Buckles, Giant Custom Medals, Ribbons, Large Trophies. Our showmanship contests are based on beginner through experienced juniors who have a desire to learn the basic fundamentals of the poultry business and showing of birds.
  • The MEGA Raffle including $2,600.00 (est) 6×10 Cargo Trailer. Each exhibitor receives 1 Free Raffle ticket and 1 additional Raffle Ticket for each additional 20 birds entered. Public & All Exhibitors can purchase additional tickets for $10.00 each, 3 for $25.00, 7 for $50.00. Huge Raffle #2 -Other raffle items include custom built show boxes, new breeder buildings & pens, incubators, feed, collectibles and MANY more items. All New and Nice. Many more items will be included. All Raffles are conducted by the Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club Inc., a registered Non-Profit Corporation.
  • Giant Bake Show and Auction. Awards in various divisions including Cup Cakes, Pies, Cakes, Misc. for Junior, High School and Open Divisions. All items entered will be donated for the Auction.
  • Marans Mania Eggs Show – Points for Bird and Points for Egg Display for Total Points. Cash Prizes and awards.
  • FREE Meet & Greet for all exhibitors on Friday night. Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Hot Links, Polish Sausage, etc. We’ll have the grill fired up so bring anything you want cooked but if you can’t bring anything, we’ll have plenty. All free but everyone should bring at least 1 item such as chips, drinks, paper plates, side dishes, pickles, ketchup, charcoal, mustard, desserts anything edible. Just bring yourself and a smiling face to have a great night of friendship, fellowship and poultry banter.
  • Outstanding Sales Area which will include breeders from all over the country bringing in outstanding birds of all breeds for your inspection and to sell. Great opportunity to get show quality birds in one location which are ready to go to work for you.
  • Learning and Educational Seminars – we are still in the planning stages now with our seminars. Seminars will begin at 4:00 pm on Friday and will include some very interesting speakers, topics and information. These Seminars are being planned with the OSU Extension Office in Cleveland County. The list of Seminars and the times will be posted later.
  • Displays & Product Booths – We will have several businesses, companies, poultry house manufacturers, show box companies, feed distributors & companies, specialty item companies, etc at the show with displays and product info. Anyone interested in a booth please contact us at
Our 2017 Lineup for National Breed Shows
Special Awards –

We are adding Special Awards for various breeds weekly. This list will expand as the events gets closer. Anyone wanting to donate a specific award to a specific Breed, Variety, etc please contact us at

Exhibitor Entering 25+ Birds, Travelling Farthest $250 $150 $100 $75 $50
*Best 3 RI Red $100.00 $75.00 $50.00
*Best 3 Jersey Giant $100.00 $75.00 $50.00
*Best 3  Langshans $100.00 $75.00 $50.00
Marans Mania Egg & Bird Show $100.00 $75.00 $50.00
*Best 3 Marans

Best 3 Orpingtons (Open)

  • Best 3 Orpingtons (Junior)









*- Jr & Open, Large Fowl and Bantams are included