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Raffle and Bake Auction is sponsored by the Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club.

November 4th

Canadian Valley “MEGA SHOW & POULTRY EXPO”

OPEN & JUNIOR Show & Expo, Norman, OK

2017 Rhode Island Red Nationals, 2017 The Langshan Nationals, 2017 Marans Nationals, 2017 Jersey Giant Nationals

$12,000.00+ in Awards and Prize Money

Junior Showmanship, Educational Seminars, HUGE Raffles, Bake Sale, Excellent Sales Area and much more

Information Page  – We Are Still Adding Info So Come Back Often


All birds brought to this show MUST be placed in our Sales Area and must purchase a sales coop. All sales birds MUST be NPIP Tested and have papers at the show. Testing will be available at the show. No check-in’s before NPIP papers have been turned into the check-in desk and you receive your coop tags. You may purchase a sales coop(s) on our entry forms. Simply fill out the form and mail it in or pay through PayPal. Anyone selling birds out of their vehicles or outside of the Sales area may be asked to leave and may be banned from any of our future shows.  Please do not over crowd the sales coops as you may be asked to remove some of the birds. People simply cannot see your birds if they are all crowded in the same cage.  Sales coops are $10.00 each. These are large fowl coops.

Sales Coop Reservations Can Be Made On Our Entry Form at Show Catalog (Final) 



Hotel Information 


Entry Catalog Is Here –  2017-HOA-club-catalog-emal


To have your Show listed here you must contact the Web Master at apajudge1009@aol.com with all your details along with contact information. We will gladly post your entry catalog as well as the entry form.