APA Poultry Political Selections and Opinions – By Richard Peters

(Under Construction)

This article is my personal observations and views. Consider this article as an editorial.
As a lifetime member of the APA (American Poultry Association) since 1966 and an APA Judge since 1972 have a view on the current situation which is occurring within the APA at this time and a situation which stating manifesting itself decades ago.
The APA was established nearly 150 years ago. When I first joined the association I joined to be a part of something special ad feel I was part of something good. The APA was established to unify poultry enthusiasts, promote the various breeds of birds and to maintain order within the fancy (an old term which is still used to indicate the exhibition poultry world).
As of today, January 7th, 2022, the national association is in total disarray. The National APA over the past 20 years has regressed into a vindictive, spiteful, hate filled conglomeration of people who are comprised of self promoting, total control oriented misfits who has as their mantra total control, stagnation and absolute control over it’s members.
Instead of promoting the fancy and all breeds of exhibition as the APA was designed to do the current leadership has instead decided to begin hand selecting groups of people, some clubs, a limited number of shows which they can control, and individuals who will do their bidding, right or wrong. The organization was not designed to pick favorites as pertaining to shows, individuals and philosophies filled with personal agendas, political pay backs and blackballing it’s very on members.
The current National Organization is not well. There is corruption at every level. Judges are not selected merely on merits and ability but instead on what they can do for me, what they can get in return for judging assignments, political paybacks. A common practices today include but certainly not limited to are judges who sell exhibitors birds and encourage these people to show these birds in shows which they judge. Thus promoting their own birds and encouraging others to buy their birds. This is only the tip of the iceberg. Other practices include the old, “you judge my show, I’ll judge yours”. Even if these practices are above board it still doesn’t give the appearance of “ethical”. Perception is 90%.
It is becoming common practice now within the APA Leadership to ban, attempt to exile and blackball individuals who ask to many questions, questions leadership, attempt to question motives and initiatives and those who demand accountability and face scrutiny by the organization’s own members.  Organizations should be formed to serve it’s members best interest not the other way around.
There are many issues at hand in this years APA elections. There has been a clear cut line drawn in the sand this year. Do you want to support an organization which serves all of it’s members from novice to experts or do you like the current system where you are forced, threatened and enticed into obedience for the personal gain and interests of the hand picked elite who have decided to become rulers instead of leaders. To some it is all about power and control. Their power and control over you and what you believe.
We need to select officers who above all else are beyond reproach, honest, possess integrity and above all else SERVE all APA members not merely a hand selected few individuals with personal agendas.
With all this said, today I (personally) am endorsing 3 candidates for office who I believe will be fair, open minded and independent leaders who will once again unify the APA and attempt to bring us all together gain to achieve what the APA was originally designed to do, Promote and Encourage Exhibition Poultry.

BART PALS – IA – Candidate for APA President













Ann Charles – LA – Candidate for APA V. President






Larry Dye – OK – Candidate for District 7 Director