Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club LLC

Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Association


This organization shall be known as “Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Association”, “CVJPA”

Place of Business

The post office address of the club Secretary shall be considered as the headquarters.


The purpose of this club is to encourage the breeding, sharing and promotion of exhibition poultry, the constant improvement of breeding stock, and the exhibiting of all breeds and varieties in accordance with the APA/ABA Standards. The Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club will also be the official sponsor of all junior events and junior shows of the Canadian Valley Poultry Club (CVPC).


Section 1.

Any person of good character and who has a sincere interest in all APA/ABA recognized breeds and varieties may become a member of the club by sending one year’s dues to the secretary, or any officer or director of the club.

a.  Annual members will be a member in good standing upon receipt of payment of membership dues.

b.  Family membership shall consist of members of immediate family living in the same house hold.

c.  Junior Members shall consist of members not less than five (5) years of age and, not over nineteen (19) years of age. Junior members must be a minimum of 18 years of age to vote or run for office.

d.  Annual dues shall be $10.00 for each individual adult membership, and $15.00 for a family membership, and $5.00 for junior membership, or as voted on at a general meeting, by a majority of the members present.  Two (2) votes per family membership.

e.  All membership dues expire on the annual CVPC State Show date each year.

Section 2.

Any member whose dues have expired for a period of three (3) months, after having received due notice of same, shall cease to be a member, and shall forfeit all claims he or she may have had as a member.  Such delinquent members may be reinstated by payment of current year’s dues.

Section 3.

Junior members shall abide by the constitution and by-laws of the club.

All junior members must be present from coop-in to coop-out and present during judging to be awarded any type of awards. Special Exceptions may be granted by the Board of Directors.

Annual Dues

(a) Individual Adult 10.00

(b) Family 15.00

(c) Junior 5.00



The elected officers of this organization shall be a President, a Vice-President, a Secretary, a Treasurer, Director-at-Large, and Four (4) Directors.

Official CVJPC By-Laws – CV.Jr.Poultry.Club.By.Laws