Richard Peters – APA District 7 Candidate


If elected to the District 7 Board of Directors post my main goals will be:
  • Obey the By Laws of the APA as written and intended
  • Serve ALL of our members equally and honestly and treat them with dignity in the process.
  • Work to strengthen & encourage the APA’s involvement in Youth Development at all levels by encouraging interaction, training, support and mentoring programs by our leading breeders, judges and industry leaders.
  • Encourage a spirit of enthusiasm and excitement within the APA by affording more APA members the opportunity to become active and involved within the Association.
  • Discourage cliques and closed groups of APA members which can contribute to resentment and distrust by members.
  • Re-examine the method of testing, training and licencing of new judges so as to increase the number of APA Judges. We have a severe shortage of Judges within the APA at this time.
  • Encourage the voluntary use of workshops, training, re-training and continuing education classes for all APA judges and leaders. All professional organizations provide these to stay up to date and educated so as to keep up with new and evolving innovations and techniques within the exhibition poultry world.
  • Encourage a spirit of openness, fairness and trust within the APA.
  • Discourage the practice of insulting, belittling and down talking fellow APA members, behind the back politics, internet hate schemes and playing dirty politics during elections and in the showroom.
  • Encourage the publication (on-line) of an annual detailed line item income and expenditure report available for the public to examine along with our annual audit.
  • Examine the way the APA promotes and sells ourselves to the public. Modernize the methods of promoting of our shows, the organization and individuals.
  • Work hard to encourage a spirit of team work as a State, District and National Team.
  • Encourage the Association to promote my motto of “We, Not Me”. In other words encourage members to think of the organization as a team (we) and not as a vehicle for just them (me).


Personal Statement

I plan to run a campaign based on Issues, Information and Needs of the APA which can and will benefit this association as a whole. I have no other agenda other than to promote the APA and to do my best to improve on the APA for ALL of our membership, not merely a select few. Personal insults, hate filled statements, behind the back & cowardly internet messaging and candidates who have preordained self serving agendas serve no useful purpose by running for office and they do nothing for the betterment and unity of this association. Actions and practices such as these cause discontent and will do nothing but breed hate and deceit within the membership. What the APA, as an organization, needs now are Board Members who will serve the entire membership of the APA honorably, bring to the table fresh new ideas and will encourage new membership growth and who will provide the will, excitement and spirit to promote the positive aspects of the APA.


My Credentials Include but are not limited to:

Recent Accomplishments

* Show Director of the 3,655 bird MEGA Poultry Show in Norman, OK 

* Business Owner. CEO for 30+ years* Fairboard Member for 4 years
* 100% Attendance Record for 4 years as Fairboard member (40+ monthly meetings)
* President of Fair Board for 3 years
* Majored in Law Enforcement Administration at OU
* Elected Member of Charter Committee for writing of 1st ever Noble City Charter
* Member of the OSPF Board of Directors 3 years
* Lifetime APA Member since 1969
* APA National Judge since 1972
* Poultry Show Manager & Promoter 1969-1972
* Director and CEO of the Canadian Valley Poultry Club 2015-Present
* Chairman of the CVPC Youth Club
* Award Winner Cleveland County 4-H 2016 – 2017
* Graduate of the Missouri Auction School
* Runner-Up State Auctioneer Contest
* Owner and CEO of Peters Auction Service
* Manager & Promoter of Noble Rose Rock Festival – Largest Ever
* National Treasurer Largest Powerlifting Organization
* Drug Testing Officer Powerlifting Organization

Other Lifetime Accomplishments Include:
* Former State FFA Officer
* State Farmer Degree
* Head Coach of Noble FFA Poultry Judging Team – 3 State Championships
* Head Coach of Noble FFA Poultry Judging Team- 2nd at Nationals
* State FFA Poultry Achievement Award
* 2nd FFA State Public Speaking Championship
* District Champion FFA Public Speaking
* Won FFA Proficiency Awards in Public Speaking, Swine, Beef Cattle, Poultry and various other chapter awards 1966-1968
* National Powerlifting World Team Coach – 3 Times
* Head Coach of Jr World Champion Team – Sweden
* Head Coach of Jr World Runner-up Team – Norway
* Developed and Started first ever Youth Development Program for kids in the sport of Powerlifting
* Won Sheriff Election Primary in 1988 – 3rd largest county in OK
* Former Chief of Security at Oklahoma’s largest venues
* Created and Started first ever High School Nationals Powerlifting 30+ years still going.