Oklahoma Testing Requirements – Updated 9-1-19

Dated 9-1-19

NPIP Contact Info for those who have questions about any particulars
All out of state exhibitors must fill out the VS NP-3 form and bring it with them to the show. Those who need help with this will be provided assistance at the show. No need to panic as we are here to assist you.
As of 9-1-19 if you or your flock  are currently a paid member for the year your NPIP Certification will be extended through this year. This is occurring because of the lack of Antigen that is used for testing. At our shows we will do approximately 300+ actual tests as we have saved our supply for our shows, if needed. By renewing your NPIP Flock Certification your 2019 Flock Certification will be accepted at our show. Contact your State and ask them to simply renew your NPIP Flock Certification. You may re-new your flock certification even though we do not have Antigen available for testing at this time. Those with any further questions should contact the numbers provided at the link above.
Oklahoma does NOT require Health Papers, AI testing, etc.
Dated Feb. 2019-
Hear the State Ag Inspector first hand in this short video which explains all testing procedures completely. Please watch the entire video to answer any of your questions.

The 6th Annual Canadian Valley Poultry Club Spring Show. February 2nd, 2019, Norman, Oklahoma. Oklahoma State Livestock Inspector Robbie Sanders Explains NPIP Testing Procedures and Guidelines. Video By Exhibition Poultry Magazine Copyright © 2019


Latest Oklahoma Testing Info The Oklahoma State Ag Department – See Video Here –



2018 MEGA SHOW Super Grand Champion – LF Black Cochin, owned by Rick Klehr, MN.

1st Annual ALFA National Championship

Finalists represented the following States- IA, TX, OK, MS, TN, LA, VA and NJ.


Testing for Out of State Birds – Call Sherry Davis if you have any questions, she agreed to answer all your questions personally-
Here is what I just received today from Sherry Davis – In a message dated 1/15/2019 4:09:13 PM Central Standard Time, Sherrie.Davis@ag.ok.gov writes:
John asked me to send the rules to you for Avian Exhibitions. If anyone has any questions regarding the requirements from out of state, please refer them to me and we will help them. One thing I would like to remind everyone is that a NPIP 9-3 form is NOT the same as having a NPIP certificate. All out of state showers must have something in hand showing movement, where the birds came from and where they are going to. For NPIP flock owners that is a 9-3 form, for everyone else that is not NPIP and does not have access to a NPIP 9-3 form that is a health certificate from a veterinarian.
1 .Any Poultry being exhibited or sold in Oklahoma shall be free of visible evidence of disease.
2. Have passed a negative test for Pullorum/Typhoid within ninety (90) days prior to exhibition, shall be identified by an official leg or wing band OR
3. Have originated from a flock with a current NPIP Flock Certification (not required to be identified by official leg or wing band).
4. Out of state poultry shall also have a NPIP 9-3 form or an official health certificate.
5. Application of official leg or wing bands shall not be required for birds tested on the exhibition premises for specific event. Birds tested and not identified with an official leg or wing bandshall be tested prior to entering any future exhibitions or sales.
6. All sellers shall be a current NPIP Certified Flock Owner. All change of ownership requires anew NPIP 9-3 form listing buyer and seller details.
Kind Regards,
Sherrie Davis
Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry
NPIP Coordinator & Equine Assistant


NPIP Form NPIP 9-3

The ONLY change that was made on the permit is all sellers are required to be NPIP Certified Flock Owners and complete a NPIP 9-3 form whether for instate buyers or out of state buyers.

Any questions, don’t hesitate to call us.

Kind Regards,

Sherrie Davis

Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food & Forestry

NPIP Coordinator & Equine Assistant