NAWA Board of Directors



Meet Your Board of Directors-

President- Richard Peters, Noble, OK

I have been active in poultry and poultry shows since 1964. I have been a licensed APA General Judge since 1972 and a lifetime member of the APA since 1972. I serve as President of the Canadian Valley Poultry Club, ALFA (American Large Fowl Association) and the NAWA (North American Waterfowl Association). I also serve on the Cleveland County Fair Board in Norman, OK and am the past President and current Director of Promotions for the Cleveland County Fair. Welcome to NAWA! I attended the University of Oklahoma and was involved in Law Enforcement and Private Security for many years. I have owned and operated my own businesses for over 4 decades. I always found time to donate to our FFA Poultry Judging Team which placed 2nd Nationally and won several State Championships and now our Junior Program within our Canadian Valley Junior Poultry Club. Our club was selected as the #1 National Club by the Sav-A-Chick Corporation in 2018 and I was selected as the National Leader  Winner as well.


Vice President- Cindy Rusk, Sarcoxie, MO

Hello ! My name is Cindy Rusk and I raise about 14 different colors of Call Ducks . I have Buff and Brown African Geese . I have been raising for 6 yrs and showing around 5 . They are truly a passion of mine. I’m here to help you with anything I can and if I don’t know the answers I know plenty of good people that do ! Let’s enjoy this Club and all work together as a Team . Thank you !


Secretary/Treasurer- Mary Lewandowski-Rekow, VA


District 1- Denis Dooley, OR

I’m Denis and I am the Region 1 (West Coast) Director. I am originally from Ohio, where I would spend summers on my Grandparents’ farm near Hillsboro, Ohio. I am an alumnus of the Ohio State University College of Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences. I moved to the Pacific Northwest in 1996 and work as a Certified Industrial Hygienist and Safety Specialist at a nuclear cleanup site in Washington State. I and my wife live on five acre hobby farm near Scappoose, Oregon. I have been interested in genetics and breeding since I was in grade school, starting with plants and then expanding into poultry in 2009. I began exhibiting American Game Bantams in 2013 and Runner Ducks in 2014. I raise several bantam chicken breeds, four varieties of Runner Ducks (Grey, Khaki, Black and Chocolate) and Black East Indies. In addition to NAWA, I serve on the board of the American Camellia Society and am the Meet Coordinator for my local poultry club, the Columbia River Poultry Exhibitors.


District 2 – Angel Stipetich, AZ

With the dream having ducks I started with 2 and it quickly grew to over 300. I now raise both domestic and wild type ducks. I am the Vice President of Preserving Heritage Ducks. Our mission is to preserve heritage and rare breed ducks for generations who follow. We connect and support breeders, raisers, and exhibitors of rare ducks, offering education, resources, and networking.


District 3 – Larry Dye, OK

I have been raising and showing poultry and waterfowl 40 years. We raise Pekin, Rouan and Cayuga ducks as well as Gray Pomeriaian and Embden Geese. I live on a farm in Northern Oklahoma that has been in the family for over a hundred years. Our main focus has been raising large fowl and large waterfowl that meets the APA standard that show well and do well for our customers. We work a lot with youth to provide them with top show quality poultry and how to properly take care of them.  I am an APA Hall of Fame member and have six breeds that I am a Master Breeder of. When I am not in the chicken barn or at a show I am the Vice President of Physical Operations at Northern Oklahoma College, so working with young people is something I do every day. I am always available to help old and new people In in the fancy any way I can.  Best of luck in the New Year


District 4 – Ashley Smith Foutch, NE

My name is Ashley Foutch and I represent District 4 of the North American Waterfowl Association. Our family is fairly new to the exhibition world but we have been raising birds for about 6 years. We raise Indian Runners, call ducks, black East Indies and geese. I am the YEPA representative for the state of Nebraska and assistant superintendent for our county fair. I am looking forward to meeting new people and getting the youth involved in waterfowl.


District 5 – Mark Phillip, OH





District 6 – Lisa Marshal Thomas, AL (until 1-25-20) 

District 6 – Mackinzie Hager, KY (After 1-25-20)

I’m am also the Dominique Club of America President, EKPA Junior Show Chairman and 4H Poultry Leader for over a decade. I raise and show Call Ducks. Exhibition is my favorite part of owning poultry due to meeting new and old friends on the show floor. I enjoy seeing people meet their goals and set higher ones and learning along the way. I love to travel the world along with reading and writing

District 7 – Ferlin Mathews, VA


District 8 – Gage Thompson

My name is Gage Thompson. I live in Ontario Canada and I’m the district 8 director. I’ve had waterfowl for around 8 years and have raise many of the breeds in the standard but my breeds I’m focusing on as of now and likey always is the Pekin, and the Rouens. I also have Call ducks and a breed not yet accepted by the APA known as Shetland ducks. I also have some geese the Exhibtion toulouse and Embdens. I put my every blood sweat and tears into my poutlry and take my most pride in my waterfowl, as the pekins I’ve raise since around 8 years ago!

Special Events Coordinators – Chris & Jason Bell, KS

Junior Youth Director- Blake Bell, KS